Measurements for shoulder garments

If it’s required to find the semi-circumference, the measurement of full circumference is taken and then divided by 2.

  • hips semi-circumference HS: some women require to take 2 hips semi-girths;
  • shoulder incline of the front SIF: in case if two shoulders are different in length, the bigger measure should be considered;
  • wrist circumference WC: the measurement is taken at the joint, at the end of the spoke-bone (radius).

When taking standard measurements only the so called upper semi-girth is considered, however, often there is a lower semi-girth as well, that is slightly bigger than the upper one.

In order to find the lower semi-girth You should put the tape measure slowly down the hips while taking measurements of the upper semi-girth.

Important: in case if the tape measure does not move – You should fix the lower semi-girth.

Measurements for shoulder garments:
Measurements spravka Number spravka
Back width 1
Shoulder length 2
Sleeve length 3
First chest semi-circumference 4
Second chest semi-circumference (above the bust) 5
Waist semi-circumference 6
Hips semi-circumference 7
Shoulder blades line 8
Shoulder incline at the back 9
Front waistline length 10
Arm circumference 11
Chest height 12
Neck semi-girth 13