Measurements for waist garments

The rules of taking measurements of some types of waist garments:

  • the length from the side: one of the main measurements, it’s taken from the waistline to the floor level along the hips;
  • knee girth: must be measured horizontally at 90 degrees bent leg;
  • rise (when seated): the measurement is taken when the person is seated, from the waistline to the chair level;
  • hip girth: horizontal measurement of the widest leg part, maximally closest to the crotch;
  • drop length: measured from the waistline to waistline through the crotch.
Measurements for waist garments:
Measurements spravka Number spravka
Hip girth 1
Ankle girth 2
Calf girth 3
Foot rise girth 4
Rise (when seated) 5
Knee girth 6