The rules of taking clothing measurements

Starting points:

  • seventh cervical vertebra: the starting point for outerwear;
  • shoulder line: horizontal line at the neck base;
  • waistline: horizontal line at the waist level;
  • chest center.

Main rules of taking measurements:

1. It’s impossible to take Your own correct measurements by Yourself.

2. The measurements should be taken on the right side of the body. This is because the right side of the body is slightly bigger than the left side, as it’s more physically developed.

3. The measurements should be taken over underwear. In case of outerwear the measurements are taken over a light sweater.

4. The tape measure for any kind of measurement should be placed tight enough. Correct tightening of a tape measure is done by tightening it slowly until it starts deforming the skin (being tight to the skin).

5. Permissible measurement inaccuracy is 5 (mm).

6. During the day body parameters slightly change. Right after sleep the height is the largest and the waist is the thinnest. During the day the parameters may change up to 10 (mm)20 (mm).

7. When taking measurements the body should be in a natural body condition, holding the belly and straightening the back is not recommended.

The order for taking measurements:

  • horizontal measurements;
  • vertical measurements;
  • oblique measurements.

Important: horizontal measurements are divided into 2, as the main measures are semi-girths.

The rules of taking clothing measurements
Taking women’s measurements Measurement (top)
Taking women’s measurements Measurement (top)