The sizes of women bags

A woman with the clothes size 44 and 175 (cm) height would better choose a bag with parameters of 35 (cm) and 40 (cm).

The height and bag parameters:

In order to look attractive, the proportions should be followed. Big women – large accessories.

  • clutch: miniature bag, makes accent on a woman elegance. The size of this little bag is not more than 35 (cm);
  • hobo bag: a bag in a form of a knot or a half-moon. The models differ by a very convenient, universal handle. This type of bags are easily recognized by their quite large sizes, up to 42 (cm);
  • satchel: women briefcase. It’s convenient for documents and little things, as it has divisions and pockets. The bag width equals 30.5 (cm);
  • shopper: for everyday use. A bag that shows city style, for shopping and miscellaneous stuff. This accessory parameters may be to 40 (cm);
  • cross-body: this bag is worn across the shoulder. The model is quite comfortable and practical being not that large in size, up to 28 (cm) and it has a long convenient handle.
Women bags* spravka
1 (cm) spravka 2 (cm) spravka 3 (cm) spravka
14-19 20-30 117-135
29-42 25-40 40-90
15-26.5 30.5 138
22-40 33-35 35-54
32 34 20-50
22-24 16-28 130
23-30 37-43 26-44
32-37 36-50 50-62
21-29 17-36 33-145