The sizes of belts

Men wear belts only on the waist, whereas in women fashion the belts may be worn on the waist, hips, and under the bust.

The choice of the belt depends on the area of it’s usage. That is why for determining the size the necessary body part circumference should be measured (the waist, hips, under the bust etc.). Also, the thickness of the clothes fabric that go together with that particular belt should be considered.

For men, mostly, the waist circumference is measured.

For example: with the waist circumference of 92 (cm) men belt size is 90.

Most of the times belts are marked with the numbers from 70 up to 120 with the interval of 5 units.

Belts size marking varieties:

There is also another way in marking belts size, for example, instead of waist circumference the belt length is shown. In order to determine Your belt size in this case You should add 15 (cm) to Your measures, and the obtained length would be the most suitable.

For example: with the waist circumference = 93 (cm) the belt size would be 108 (cm), that corresponds to the clothes size 52.

In American system the belts sizes depend on the sizes of jeans. If the belt is designed for jeans size 34, then this belt size would be 2 units bigger, that is 36.

As American manufacturers use alphabetic size marking, the belt from the above example would have letter M (36-38) on it.

Therefore, in order to find Your size the corresponding size chart should be used, by which, for the provided example, WC = 95±4 (cm).

Women’s belts* spravka
US Size spravka Size spravka Waist (inches) spravka Length (inches) spravka
28 XS Up to 26 Up to 28
28-30 S 26-28 28-30
31-32 M 28-30 31-32
33-35 L 31-33 33-35
36-37 XL 34-35 36-37
38-39 2X 36-37 38-39
40-42 3X 38-39 40-41
Men’s belts* spravka
US Size spravka Size spravka Waist (inches) spravka Length (inches) spravka
30 XS 26.5-28 28-30
32 S 28.5-30 31-32
34 M 30.5-32 33-34
36 M 32.5-34 35-36
38 L 34.5-36 37-38
40 L 36.5-38 39-40
42 XL 38.5-40 41-42
44 XL 40.5-42 43-44
46 2XL 42.5-44 45-46
48 3XL 44.5-46 47-48
50 4XL 46.5-48 49-50