The sizes of diapers

When determining the size of a diaper for a baby, the weight of the baby is very important.

The sizes of diapers are often marked by Latin letters S (Mini) or M (Midi), L (Maxi) or XL (Maxi+), which refer to the following weight criteria. Depending on the company the size range looks like this: 3-7 (kg), 5-10 (kg), 9-14 (kg), from 10 (kg).

Important: for babies of up to 5 (kg) the diaper sizes are marked as NB (Newborn).

The weight categories of the adjacent sizes intersect with each other and its better to choose the bigger size. For example, with 7 (kg) weight it’s better to choose M, that matches the weight of 5-10 (kg).

Baby body complexion, as one of the size determining criteria:

Individual baby features lead to more detailed choice of a diaper, as the weight shows the approximate size only.

For example, the weight of a thin and tall baby and a short and chubby baby may be the same, but the size for the first baby might be smaller, as their leg girths are different. In case of thin legs the size should be smaller.

Important: for chubby babies that reach the next weight category, for example, with 11 (kg) weight, the L size may be chosen.

Child’s diapers* spravka
Weight (pounds) spravka Size spravka
8-14 1
12-18 1-2
12-18 2
16-28 3
22-37 4
27+ 5
35+ 6
Adult diapers* spravka
US Size spravka Size spravka Waist (cm) spravka
0 XS 40-50
1 S 55-70
2 M 75-95
3 L 100-125
4 XL 130