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Determining the size of a helmet:

The choice of the right helmet size is based on the correct measurement of the head circumference and correlating it to the similar parameters in the size charts.

Any helmet, for a motorcyclists, a snowboarder or a hokey player, has a protection function.

Important: the size range of helmets starts from the size XXS and finishes with XXXXXL. Helmets with other parameters are most of the time produced only for a special order.

The main rules for determining the size:

1. Take measurements of the head circumference using a flexible tape measure or a cord. The tape measure should be placed 2 (cm) above the eyebrows and at the widest part of the back of the head.

2. Compare the received numbers with the size charts of the chosen helmet producer. For example, Russian size 59-60 corresponds to the international L size.

3. Mandatory helmet trial. If the two adjacent sizes fit, the choice should be made towards the smaller one, so that the helmet fits tight and comfortable, and it should not be too tight anywhere.

4. The same sizes of different producers may differ, because different anthropological features are considered.

5. With the buckled belt, correctly chosen helmet may not be taken off from any side.

6. Hokey helmet should have good quality buckles and protective inner laying, and should not be heavy.

7. The helmets for snowboard have elements for adjusting the size, special ear parts and several ventilation parts.

Adult helmets* spravka
Size spravka Measurement (inches) spravka US Size spravka
XXS 19 5/8-20 1/8 6-6 3/8
XS 20 1/4-20 7/8 6 1/2-6 5/8
S 21-21 5/8 6 3/4-6 7/8
M 21 3/4-22 3/8 7-7 1/8
L 22 1/2-23 1/8 7 1/4-7 3/8
XL 23 1/4-24 7 1/2-7 5/8
XXL 24 1/8-24 7/8 7 3/4-7 7/8
XXXL 25-25 5/8 8-8 1/8
XXXXL 26 3/8-26 3/4 8-3/8-8 1/2
XXXXXL 27-27 1/2 8 5/8-8 3/4
Children's helmets sizes* spravka
Size spravka Measurement (inches) spravka US Size spravka
49-50 19.3-19.7 S
51-52 20.1-20.5 M
53-54 20.9-21.4 L