The sizes of knee socks

The size of knee socks is determined by accurate foot contour and is considered to be equal to the length of the line that connects the most remote points of the contour.

Except the standard parameter, for more accurate choice of special knee socks the following measurements should be taken:

  • ankle circumference: the circumference of the thinnest part of the leg in the area where the foot begins;
  • leg calf circumference (5): the circumference of the upper part of the leg where the knee socks fit most tight;
  • foot length (1): the diagonal foot length from the heel to the edge of the big toe.

Comparing the three parameters with the size chart parameters the knee socks size is determined.

For example: with shoes size of 36-38, ankle circumference 20 (cm)-24 (cm), leg calf circumference 29 (cm)-39 (cm), women knee socks size would be M.

The effects of additional measurements when determining the size:

When choosing standard knee socks the size is determined by the foot length, all the other measurements are advisory parameters and don’t have any effect when determining the size.

Additional measurements, such as ankle circumference and calf circumference are important only when choosing compression knee socks.

Important: measurements for compression knee socks are made at the moment when the legs are least swollen.

Men’s knee socks* spravka
US Size spravka US shoe size spravka Foot length (cm) spravka Foot length (in) spravka
S 3-5.5 18-26.5 11"-14.5"
M 6-8.5 32-41 12.5"-16.5"
L 9-11.5 37-45.5 14.5"-18"
XL 12-14.5 41-58 16"-23"
Women’s knee socks* spravka
US Size spravka US shoe size spravka Foot length (cm) spravka Foot length spravka
S 4-6.5 18-26.5 11"-14.5"
M 7-9.5 32-41 12.5"-16.5"
L 10-12.5 37-45.5 14.5"-18"
XL - 41-58 16"-23"
Kids' knee socks* spravka
US Size spravka US shoe size spravka Euro shoe size spravka UK shoe size spravka
XS 6-8.5 22-25 5-7.5
S 9-11.5 26-28 8-10.5
M 12-2.5 29-32 11-13.5
L 3-6 33-36 1-4.5