The sizes of tank tops

When determining the size of a tank top the following measurements are taken:

  • height;
  • chest girth.

Standard size charts are made for typical body shapes, with body parameters strictly matching the chart measures. In case when different parameters in the chart lead to different sizes – it’s the first sign of a non-standard body shape.

Important: for non-standard body shapes there are separate size charts, that consider particular body proportions and are different in all brands.

Tank tops shrinking:

Shrinking of the tank tops made of natural fabrics is a standard problem. It may reach up to 4-5%. For example, a tank top model with chest girth of 46 (cm) may shrink to 44 (cm) after washing.

Important: the tank tops of famous brands have a special processing when produced and they don’t have a feature to shrink. In this case the label should mention the treatment method of the model.

Also, very often the producers consider the future shrinking of the model and make it a little bit bigger. After the first wash such tank tops gain the parameters marked on the label.

Important: if the label doesn’t have a marking about preliminary processing, and real tank top parameters match the marking on the label, then the allowance for shrinking may be calculated by yourself. 4-5 % should be added to the chest girth parameters.

Women’s tank tops* spravka
Size spravka US Size spravka Chest (inches) spravka Waist (inches) spravka
XXS 00 26-28 20-22
XS 0 28-30 23-24
S 0-2 30-32 25-26
M 4-6 32-34 27-28
L 8-10 36-38 30-32
XL 12-14 40-42 33-35
2XL 16-18 44-46 36-38
Men’s tank tops* spravka
Size spravka Chest (inches) spravka Waist (inches) spravka
XXS 29-31 27-29
XS 30-32 28-30
S 34-36 30-32
M 38-40 32-33
L 42-44 33-34
XL 46-48 36-38
2XL 48-50 40-42
3XL 50-52 44-48