The sizes of ties

The tie of a particular length and width is chosen according to the body complexion and the height of the person.

The tie length varies in the interval of 130 – 145 (cm). Correctly chosen tie by its length should cover the belt for a couple of centimeters. The average tie width is considered to be the width = 9 (cm).

The ties for different body types:

The ties are chosen for particular body type and appearance:

  • any tie models fit men with average body complexion.

Important: for obese men – ties with vertical or geometrical print is preferable. The print size depends on the men height, for example, small print would better fit short men.

For slim and short men monochromatic or neutral print ties would suit better.

For slim and tall people it’s preferable to choose the ties with wide slanting or horizontal lines or ties with big print.

Types of ties:

  • common type: the width choice is correlated to the body complexion, for example, for tall and slim people wide tie types would suit best;
  • windsor: it’s main difference from the common type is in the Windsor knot;
  • regatta ties: they differ by the presence of the ready made knot and a fastener at the back;
  • bow tie.
Men’s ties* spravka
Length (cm) spravka Width (cm) spravka
154 10
173 10
180 10
145 3.5-7
154 5.5-9
37 5-16
37-44.5 4
Children’s ties* spravka
Length (cm) spravka Width (cm) spravka
98 5
130 7
98 2.5-6
35-50 4.5-8
22-41 7
35 3