The sizes of tights

The size of tights is determined using the size diagram, based on 2 measures:

  • height: full height in centimeters, from the heels up to the vertex;
  • weight: it’s recommended to take the measurement right before the purchase.

For example: with the height of 170 (cm) and weight 60 (kg) the size 3 tights would fit.

It should be taken into consideration that despite their elasticity tights have particular potential for stretching and pressure, so in case when wrong size tights are purchased their life time vividly decreases.

Size marking:

Tights size are marked in 2 formats:

  • numerical: from 1 to 6, the size is determined based on the height and weight;
  • alphabetic: international format from S to XL.

Unlike stockings, the leg length parameter is not important for tights, only the full height and weight of a woman is considered.

Important: you can find the sizes 1 and 6 very rarely.

The allowances for different silhouette types:

All size charts are generally made for standard body type, and even in case of accurate size determining by the size charts, the tights do not always fit the legs perfectly.

It depends on different body construction:

  • with big size legs it’s better to choose the tights of 1 size larger, otherwise they might have a compression effect;
  • for thin and long legs the tights are chosen strictly by the size charts;
  • for women with generally standard body type the universal size would fit.
Women’s tights* spravka
US Size spravka Height (inches) spravka Weight (pounds) spravka
A 4'11"-5'6" 150-235
B 5'6"-6'0" 150-200
C 4'11"-5'5" 210-280
D 5'6"-6'0" 175-250
E 4'11"-6'0" 220-295
EE 5'0"-6'0" 285-400
EEE 5'2"-5'9" 400-450