The sizes of windbreakers

Very often the size charts show the parameters of a ready made model: the length of the windbreaker, sleeve length, shoulder width etc.

Determining women's size:

For determining a woman windbreaker size it's enough to take one measurement: chest girth (bust), however for more accurate model selection the following measurements might be necessary:

  • chest girth: horizontal chest girth of the fullest part of the chest in the area of armpits;
  • waist circumference: horizontal waist circumference at the thinnest part of the waist;
  • hip girth: hip girth taken at the widest part of the hips;
  • sleeve length: the length from the shoulder until the wrist.

Determining men's size::

For determining men's size 2 main measurements are considered: the height and the chest girth.

Size charts for different body types:

  • main producers separate men size charts by height. Common size charts are made for men with standard body type and up to 188 (cm) height. These kind of charts may be marked as: REGULAR;
  • for tall men the chart is marked as LONG and it is designed for up to 196 (cm) height;
  • men windbreakers of large sizes are made individually and most of the time don't have size charts. The production is individual considering the parameters of a particular person.
Women’s windbreakers* spravka
Size spravka US Size spravka Bust (inches) spravka Waist (inches) spravka
XXS 2 30.75" 23.5"
XS 4 32.25" 25"
S 6 33.75" 26.75"
M 8 35.5" 28.25"
L 10 37" 30"
XL 12 38.5" 31.5"
XXL 14 40" 33"
Men’s windbreakers* spravka
Size spravka US Size spravka Bust (inches) spravka Waist (inches) spravka
XS 34 35.5" 31"
S 36 37" 32.5"
M 38 38.5" 34"
L 40 40.25" 35.5"
XL 42 41.75" 37.25"
XXL 44 43.25" 38.75"
XXXL 46 44.75" 40.25"
XXXXL 48 45.5" 42"