marka bra sizes
How to choose a bra:

Depending on the type of figure, constitution, breast size and achieving the desired effect, it is important to choose the right and correctly determine size, usually several parameters are valuable:

  • bust circumference (cm);
  • bra cup (cm);
  • under bust circumference (cm).
Main types of modern bras:
  • seamless bra is a bra with no seams, smooth cups and belt comprising a single bra;
  • frameless bra is a bra with no frame;
  • bustier is a wide belt corset reinforced with vertical underwires. Belt width starts from 10 centimeters and for some models it reaches waist line;
  • bra for pregnant women is a bra with no underwire made of elastic fabric allowing to be adjusted to breast changes.

Important: more information on the main brand sizes is available at links below.

65 (63-67)788082848688
70 (68-72)838587899193
75 (73-77)889092949698
80 (78-82)93959799101103
85 (83-87)98100102104106108
90 (88-92)103105107109111113
95 (93-97)108110112119116118