marka cap sizes
How to choose a cap:

When choosing caps, as a rule, one parameter is valuable:

  • head circumference (cm): horizontal circumference around head.
Size dependence on other parameters:

1. Cap pattern: if cap is made with a three-dimensional pattern, you must subtract 1 (cm) of stretch correction when measuring head circumference. 2. Cap density: for a loose or wide cap subtract 1-2 (cm) from head circumference.

3. Material: cotton and wool when worn shrinks by 1-2 (cm), while acrylic and viscose stretch by 1-2.5 (cm).

No corrections are required for a tight, non-stretchy and uniform cap.

Important: more information on the main brand sizes is available at links below.

Kids Caps Size Chart - full drawing
Kids Caps Size Chart kerry
Person age spravka
Person age (years)

Age for which clothing is designed.

Size spravka
Existing caps size

Head circumference spravka
Head circumference (cm)

Horizontal circumference around head.

Measurements are made over ears.

0-1 год4039-41
1 год4241-43
2 года4443-45
3 года4645-47
4 года4847-49
5 лет5049-51
6 лет5251-53
7 лет5454-55
8+ лет5655-57