marka cap sizes
How to choose a cap:

When choosing caps, as a rule, one parameter is valuable:

  • head circumference (cm): horizontal circumference around head.
Size dependence on other parameters:

1. Cap pattern: if cap is made with a three-dimensional pattern, you must subtract 1 (cm) of stretch correction when measuring head circumference. 2. Cap density: for a loose or wide cap subtract 1-2 (cm) from head circumference.

3. Material: cotton and wool when worn shrinks by 1-2 (cm), while acrylic and viscose stretch by 1-2.5 (cm).

No corrections are required for a tight, non-stretchy and uniform cap.

Important: more information on the main brand sizes is available at links below.

37-450-6 (мес)
45-496 (мес)-1 (года)
49-511-2 (года)
51-532-4 (года)
53-554-6 (лет)
55-576 (лет)