The sizes of clothes

Measurements for shoulder garments* spravka
Measurements spravka Number spravka
Height 1
Bust 2
Waist 3
Hip 4
Sleeve 5
Neck 6
Back width 7
Measurements for waist garments* spravka
Measurements spravka Number spravka
Hip girth 1
Ankle girth 2
Calf girth 3
Foot rise girth 4
Measurements for shoes* spravka
Measurements spravka Number spravka
Foot lenght 1
Small circumference 2
Large circumference 3
Oblique circumference 4
Calf circumference 5
Height 6

Measurements for shoulder models:

  • height (H): the distance from the heels to the vertex in a natural body posture;
  • chest girth (CG): measured by tailor’s tape at the level of 2.5 (cm) under the armpits;
  • waist circumference (WC): horizontal waist circumference at the thinnest part;
  • hip girth (HG): hip girth at the widest part;
  • sleeve length (SL): the length from the end of the shoulder to the wrist, it’s better to add 2.5 (cm) allowance to the obtained measure;
  • back width (BW): the length from one armpit to another at the shoulder blades level.

Waist models measurements:

  • inseam length (IL): horizontal measurement of the inner part of the leg from the groin till the shoe level;
  • side length (SL): vertical measurement from the waistline until the shoe level, measuring at the outer leg part;
  • knee girth (KG): knee girth at the knee joint area;
  • rise length (RL): the measurement is taken while the person is seated, the length from the waistline until the chair and it effects the type of garment fitting;
  • one hip girth (OHG): one hip girth at the groin area.

Shoes measurements:

  • foot length (FL): the diagonal length from the edge of the big toe to the edge of the heel.
  • small girth (2): the parameter that effects the foot dimension, the circumference of the widest forefoot part.

Important: taking measurements is recommended to be done by a new tape measure, the moment when the skin starts changing its form during measurement process shows that the tape measure is to tight.

How the size is determined:

  • for outerwear: the size equals chest semi-girth minus the allowance n from 0 (cm) to 8 (cm);
  • for waist garments: the size equals half hip girth, or the waistline level minus the allowance n;
  • for shoes: the size equals foot length or the insole length plus the allowance n.

Important: for different type of clothes, of different countries and brands, the size calculation formulas as well as the n allowance might be very different.


All provided size charts are provisory and are made only for a standard body types.

Depending on the clothes type, brand and style, the non-correspondence of a size chart to the size of a real product might be up to 10-15%.

Important: the provided information in the directory is referential and cannot be used as an accurate manual for determining the size.