Pampers diaper sizes
How to choose a diaper:

Choosing the right diapers is a very serious process, that is why, as a rule, several parameters are valuable:

  • hip circumference (cm): hip circumference measured at the most protruding points;
  • waist circumference (cm): waist line circumference between protruding parts of longitudinal bones and lower ribs;
  • height (cm): distance from top of the head to feet without shoes.

    You should stand steadily with feet together.

    If you cannot stand, measurements can be taken in lying position from top of the head to feet.
Some peculiarities:

Baby's individual characteristics require a more detailed choice of diaper, as weight only approximately indicates size.

For example, body weight of a slim tall child and a chubby baby of smaller height can be the same, but size for the first baby may be smaller, because their leg circumferences are different and in the event of slim legs a smaller size is needed.For chubby babies approaching the next weight category, for example, at weight of 11 (kg), you can choose size L.

Important: more information on the main brand sizes is available at links below.

Kids Diapers Size Chart - full drawing
Kids Diapers Size Chart pampers
Size spravka
Existing Diapers size

Body weight spravka
Body weight (kg)

Measurements should be made within minimum clothes on with a help of special scales to avoid inaccurate data.

Packaging quantity spravka
Packaging quantity (pcs)

Information on the number of units of goods in packaging.

Premium Care 00-2.530
Premium Care 12-522-109
Premium Care 23-622-120
Premium Care 35-920-60
Premium Care 48-1420-104
Premium Care 511-1844-88
Premium Care Pants 36-1128-56
Premium Care Pants 49-1422-44
Premium Care Pants 512-1820-40
New Baby Dry 12-527-43
New Baby Dry 23-627-94
Active Baby Dry 35-922-126
Active Baby Dry 48-1420-104
Active Baby Dry 4+9-1618-147
Active Baby Dry 511-1816-126
Active Baby Dry 615+16-88
Sleep and Play 23-618
Sleep and Play 35-916-100
Sleep and Play 48-1414-86
Sleep and Play 511-1811-74
Pants 36-1126-120
Pants 49-1416-104
Pants 512-1815-96
Pants 616+19-88