For pregnants jeans sizes
How to choose jeans:

When choosing jeans, as a rule, there are only 3 values:

  • waist circumference (W): circumference of the most narrow body part;
  • Trouser leg length (L): length from crotch to floor on inner leg side;
  • hips circumference (H): volume of the widest hips part, provided that legs are put together.
There are three main options for jeans rise:
  • Highrise: this rise is of high waist giving the long legs effect.

    Belt for such jeans is unnecessary;
  • Regularrise: this is just that rise that would be suitable for any figure;
  • Medium rise: distance from navel to edge: from 1 (cm) to 2 (cm );
  • Lowrise: such rise overestimates the requirements for your waist and will not suit everyone. A more youthful option also requires perfectly matched underwear.

Important: more information on the main brand sizes is available at links below.

Jeans Size Conversion Chart для беременных
Size spravka
Existing jeans size

INT spravka
International letter size

USA spravka
Size in the American measurement system

IN spravka
Size in inch measurement system (inches)

Ru spravka
Size in the Russian measurement system (centimeters)

W24 L28XS22438
W24 L30XS22438
W24 L32XS22438
W24 L34XS22438
W24 L36XS22438
W25 L28XS22540
W25 L30XS22540
W25 L32XS22540
W25 L34XS22540
W25 L36XS22540
W26 L28S42642
W26 L30S42642
W26 L32S42642
W26 L34S42642
W26 L36S42642
W27 L28S42742-44
W27 L30S42742-44
W27 L32S42742-44
W27 L34S42742-44
W27 L36S42742-44
W28 L28M62844
W28 L30M62844
W28 L32M62844
W28 L34M62844
W28 L36M62844
W29 L28M62944-46
W29 L30M62944-46
W29 L32M62944-46
W29 L34M62944-46
W29 L36M62944-46
W30 L28L83046
W30 L30L83046
W30 L32L83046
W30 L34L83046
W30 L36L83044
W31 L28L83146-48
W31 L30L83146-48
W31 L32L83146-48
W31 L34L83146-48
W31 L36L83146-48
W32 L28XL103248
W32 L30XL103248
W32 L32XL103248
W32 L34XL103248
W32 L36XL103248
W33 L28XL103348-50
W33 L30XL103348-50
W33 L32XL103348-50
W33 L34XL103348-50
W33 L36XL103348-50
W34 L28XXL123450
W34 L30XXL123450
W34 L32XXL123450
W34 L34XXL123450
W34 L36XXL123450
W35 L28XXL123550-52
W35 L30XXL123550-52
W35 L32XXL123550-52
W35 L34XXL123550-52
W35 L36XXL123550-52
W36 L28XXXL143652
W36 L30XXXL143652
W36 L32XXXL143652
W36 L34XXXL143652
W36 L36XXXL143652
W38 L28XXXL163854
W38 L30XXXL163854
W38 L32XXXL163854
W38 L34XXXL163854
W38 L36XXXL163854
Jeans Size Chart - full drawing
Jeans Size Chart для беременных
Size spravka
Existing jeans size

Waist circumference (W) spravka
Waist circumference (cm)

Waist line circumference between protruding parts of longitudinal bones and lower ribs.

When making measurement, it is recommended to breathe normally (not to detain breath), having straightened up, to fix measuring tape without tension.

Trouser leg length on inner leg side (cm)

Distance on leg internal surface from crotch to foot base in a straight line.

Person standing upright with evenly distributed body weight on both legs.

Hips circumference (H) spravka
Hips circumference (cm)

Hips circumference measured at the most protruding points.

Height spravka
Person height (cm)

Distance from top of the head to feet without footwear.

It is necessary to stand straight, legs put together.

If it is impossible to stand, measurements can be made lying from top of the head to feet.

W24 L2860.5-6368-7289-91.5155-162
W24 L3060.5-6372-7689-91.5162-170
W24 L3260.5-6377-8189-91.5170-178
W24 L3460.5-6377-8189-91.5178-186
W24 L3660.5-6377-8189-91.5186-200
W25 L2860.5-6368-7291.5-94155-162
W25 L3060.5-6372-7691.5-94162-170
W25 L3260.5-6377-8191.5-94170-178
W25 L3460.5-6377-8191.5-94178-186
W25 L3660.5-6377-8191.5-94186-200
W26 L2863.5-6568-7294-96.5155-162
W26 L3063.5-6572-7694-96.5162-170
W26 L3263.5-6577-8194-96.5170-178
W26 L3463.5-6577-8194-96.5178-186
W26 L3663.5-6577-8194-96.5186-200
W27 L2865.5-6868-7296.5-99155-162
W27 L3065.5-6872-7696.5-99162-170
W27 L3265.5-6877-8196.5-99170-178
W27 L3465.5-6877-8196.5-99178-186
W27 L3665.5-6877-8196.5-99186-200
W28 L2868.5-7068-7299-101.5155-162
W28 L3068.5-7072-7699-101.5162-170
W28 L3268.5-7077-8199-101.5170-178
W28 L3468.5-7077-8199-101.5178-186
W28 L3668.5-7077-8199-101.5186-200
W29 L2870.5-7368-72101.5-104155-162
W29 L3070.5-7372-76101.5-104162-170
W29 L3270.5-7377-81101.5-104170-178
W29 L3470.5-7377-81101.5-104178-186
W29 L3670.5-7377-81101.5-104186-200
W30 L2873.5-7568-72104-106.5155-162
W30 L3073.5-7572-76104-106.5162-170
W30 L3273.5-7577-81104-106.5170-178
W30 L3473.5-7577-81104-106.5178-186
W30 L3673.5-7577-81104-106.5186-200
W31 L2875.5-7968-72106.5-110155-162
W31 L3075.5-7972-76106.5-110162-170
W31 L3275.5-7977-81106.5-110170-178
W31 L3475.5-7977-81106.5-110178-186
W31 L3675.5-7977-81106.5-110186-200
W32 L2879.5-8268-72110-113.5155-162
W32 L3079.5-8272-76110-113.5162-170
W32 L3279.5-8277-81110-113.5170-178
W32 L3479.5-8277-81110-113.5178-186
W32 L3679.5-8277-81110-113.5186-200
W33 L2882.5-8768-72113.5-118155-162
W33 L3082.5-8772-76113.5-118162-170
W33 L3282.5-8777-81113.5-118170-178
W33 L3482.5-8777-81113.5-118178-186
W33 L3682.5-8777-81113.5-118186-200
W34 L2887.5-9268-72118-123155-162
W34 L3087.5-9272-76118-123162-170
W34 L3287.5-9277-81118-123170-178
W34 L3487.5-9277-81118-123178-186
W34 L3687.5-9277-81118-123186-200
W35 L2892.5-9768-72123-128155-162
W35 L3092.5-9772-76123-128162-170
W35 L3292.5-9777-81123-128170-178
W35 L3492.5-9777-81123-128178-186
W35 L3692.5-9777-81123-128186-200
W36 L2897.5-10268-72128-133155-162
W36 L3097.5-10272-76128-133162-170
W36 L3297.5-10277-81128-133170-178
W36 L3497.5-10277-81128-133178-186
W36 L3697.5-10277-81128-133186-200
W38 L28102.5-10768-72133-138155-162
W38 L30102.5-10772-76133-138162-170
W38 L32102.5-10777-81133-138170-178
W38 L34102.5-10777-81133-138178-186
W38 L36102.5-10777-81133-138186-200