Measurements for shoulder garments
Measurements for shoulder garments:
  • hips semi-circumference HS: some women require to take 2 hips semi-girths;
  • shoulder incline of the front SIF: in case if two shoulders are different in length, the bigger measure should be considered;
  • wrist circumference WC: the measurement is taken at the joint, at the end of the spoke-bone (radius).

When taking standard measurements only the so called upper semi-girth is considered, however, often there is a lower semi-girth as well, that is slightly bigger than the upper one.

In order to find the lower semi-girth You should put the tape measure slowly down the hips while taking measurements of the upper semi-girth.

Important: in case if the tape measure does not move – You should fix the lower semi-girth.

Measurements for shoulder garments
Necessary symbols
Abbreviation spravka
Size short name (abbreviation).

Description spravka
Size full name (description).

Chest line ЛГ
Length of the product ДИз
Hips semicircle СБ
Waist semicircle СТ
Basic symbols
Abbreviation spravka
Size short name (abbreviation).

Description spravka
Size full name (description).

линия лопаток ЛЛ
chest line ЛГ
waist back length ДТС
length изделия ДИз
наклон плеча спины НПС
length бока Дб
back width ШС
armhole width ШПр
semicircle of the neck СШ
first chest semicircle СГ1
second chest semicircle (above the chest) СГ2
уровень раствора вытачки УРВ
hips semicircle СБ
waist semicircle СТ
chest height ВГ
front waist length ДТП
front shoulder tilt НПП
arm circumference ОР
front (chest) width first ШГ1
width of the front (chest) second ШГ2
distance between the centers of the mammary glands РЦ
shoulder length ДПл
sleeve (length) ДР
elbow length ДЛ
circumference of the hand ОК
wrist circumference ОЗ