The dimensions of size 34 boots

For correct choice of kids footwear it’s very important to take correct measurements and compare them to the sizes indicated in corresponding size charts. If after doing this the foot length measurement will be 8.2 (in), it means you should look for boots of size 34.

When choosing footwear, besides standard measurements the following should be considered:

  • how much the first metacarpophalangeal joint protrudes on the side of the foot;
  • how developed is the tibialis muscle;
  • how developed is foot longitudinal arch of the short finger flexor.

Important: these indexes are not easy to measure by metric method, but in this case it’s important to check everything by touch.

The parameters of size 34 boots
Parameter  spravkaParameter symbol Value  spravkaParameter value  spravka
US Kids 2.5
Euro sizes 34
UK sizes 1.5
JP sizes (CM) 20.5
Inches 8 1/4"
The parameters of size 34.5 boots
Parameter  spravkaParameter symbol Value  spravkaParameter value  spravka
US Kids 3
Euro sizes 34.5
UK sizes 2
JP sizes (CM) 21
Inches 8 1/2"