The sizes of 24 size jeans

Jeans of size 24 are manufactured only in women formats.

24 equal waist length (W) in inches, when the jeans are buttoned.

The size 24 jeans parameters:

  • hip girth: from 33.8 (in) to 34.6 (in);
  • waist circumference: from 23.6 (in) to 24.8 (in).

Important to know:

1. Except the main parameter (W) when choosing jeans the second important measure should be considered: the inseam length (L). Every brand has different (W) and (L) correspondence charts. For more details choose the brand You are interested in from the list above.

2. When choosing Chinese garments it’s better to consider the fact that any Chinese garment size is 1-2 inches smaller than the European. It’s very difficult to find jeans larger than size 38 there.

Women’s sizes of 24 size jeans
Designation  spravkaParameter symbol Value (in) spravkaGirth value in inches Value (cm) spravkaGirth value in centimeters
Waist 25 63.5
Hip 35 1/2 90
Thigh 20 1/2 52
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