The sizes of 40 size sneakers

Footwear of size 40 for different models (for men, women, kids) is determined by different foot measurements:

  • transverse arch angle — is foot width;
  • medial (inner) foot arch measurement – inner length;
  • lateral (outer) foot arch – outer length.

Important: teenager’s heel measurement is different from adult men’s heel, that is why it’s recommended to choose sneakers for men of one size larger than the size that equals real length of the foot.

Footwear selection rules:

1. Feet measurements are better to be taken standing, as pressure on the foot deforms it and its length changes.

2. There should be comfortable feeling right after the first trial, otherwise you might feel pain and have injuries after wearing that footwear.

Parameters of men’s 40 size sneakers
Parameter  spravkaParameter symbol Value  spravkaParameter value  spravka
US Size 7.5-8
UK Size 7-7.5
EU Size 40-40.5
Centimeters 24.8-25.4
Inches 9.75"-10"
Parameters of women’s 40 size sneakers
Parameter  spravkaParameter symbol Value  spravkaParameter value  spravka
US Size 10
UK Size 8
EU Size 40
Centimeters 26
Inches 10.25"