The sizes of bandanas

Bandanna head-wear has several construction types.

Type 1: bandanna – headscarf:

There are two different types:

  • the square shape, the sides parameters of which are calculated, considering the measurements of the head circumference. For example, fro children the side of the square equals 50 (cm), for standard sizes – 60 (cm), for large sizes – the length of the side is 70 (cm);
  • the triangular shape, the parameters of which are calculated in the same way as in the square shape model and it’s considered as the half of the square.

Type 2: bandanna with ties:

The size is determined by measuring the head circumference.

There is an unmistakable method for taking the measurements for such type of bandannas:

  • considering the head circumference and detailed measurements of the additional parts of the head, a paper pattern is made, with an allowance for gluing.

Trying this pattern will help to clarify the size.

Type 3: bandanna for ladies:

Differs by it’s variety, starting from head-scarfs tied up in interesting ways, to ready made models, with laces and rubber bands. It’s size is determined by the standard method.

Type 4: transformer bandanna:

A multi-functional wardrobe garment, for which knitwear fabric is used.

Bandanna sizes are fixed:

  • criteria for children’s bandannas: the length is 50 (cm), the diameter is 22 (cm);
  • for adults: accordingly, 53 (cm) and 26 (cm).
The sizes of bandanas* spravka
Diagonal (cm) spravka Lateral face (cm) spravka
76 55
79 60
82 65
85 70
88 75
The sizes of bandanas* spravka
Lateral face 1 (cm) spravka Lateral face 2 (cm) spravka
50 50
60 60
70 70
80 80
90 90