The sizes of hosiery

Hosiery is a kind of knitwear products that cover the bottom part of legs.

Main types:

  • socks;
  • stockings;
  • tights;
  • knee socks.

There are two main ways to determine the size of hosiery:

  • the size is determined by the foot length in centimeters (as a rule it’s 1 size bigger than the real foot size);
  • the size is determined by the size of the shoes.

Common world standard uses the first way, however, some manufacturers often mark shoe size in the brackets on the labels.

Taking measurements:

When taking measurements just one parameter is important:

  • foot length: the length from the edge of the heel until the end of the big toe.

Recommendations for taking measurements:

1. When taking measurements for hosiery 1-2 sizes measurement error is allowed. It will not affect the accuracy of choosing the size, as hosiery has a feature to stretch.

2. The measurements should be taken only from the foot under pressure, the ideal way to do so is drawing the contour of the foot on a piece of paper, and then taking measurements from the paper.

Tights size* spravka
US Size spravka Height (inches) spravka Weight (pounds) spravka
A 4'11"-5'6" 150-235
B 5'6"-6'0" 150-200
C 4'11"-5'5" 210-280
D 5'6"-6'0" 175-250
E 4'11"-6'0" 220-295
EE 5'0"-6'0" 285-400
EEE 5'2"-5'9" 400-450
Socks size* spravka
US Size spravka US shoe size spravka Euro shoe size spravka Foot length spravka
S 4-6.5 34-37 11"-14.5"
M 7-9.5 38-41 12.5"-16.5"
L 10-12.5 42-45 14.5"-18"
XL - 46-49 16"-23"