The sizes of stockings

The sizes of stockings are determined by the height and weight of women. Some manufacturers mention the exact foot size on the packaging, that corresponds to the size of the shoes you wear.

Apart from that, the length of the stockings is an important parameter, that is marked by Latin letters S, M and L:

  • slightly above the knee: is marked by letter S;
  • 8-10 (cm) above the knee: M;
  • until the mid-hip: L.

For stockings size marking numeration 1-8 is used, that is in direct ratio to the women’s weight and height.

For example: with the height H = 167±3 (cm) and weight 60 (kg) the appropriate size would be 3.

For compression stockings the main criteria is the weight and the size totally depends on it. For example, S (45 – 52 kg), ML (62 – 72 kg).

Different manufacturers ways for stockings size marking:

Apart from the accustomed markings, which is the numeration 1-8, alphabetic format is used by foreign manufacturers.

For example: italian stockings size 1 (XS) corresponds to 152±7 (cm) height and 47±7 (kg) weight, and 4 (L) is designed for 177±3 (cm) height and 83±3 (kg) weight.

Women’s stockings* spravka
US Size spravka Height (inches) spravka Weight (pounds) spravka
A 4'11"-5'6" 150-235
B 5'6"-6'0" 150-200
C 4'11"-5'5" 210-280
D 5'6"-6'0" 175-250
E 4'11"-6'0" 220-295
EE 5'0"-6'0" 285-400
EEE 5'2"-5'9" 400-450