marka tops sizes
How to choose a top:

Depending on the type of figure, constitution, breast size and achieving the desired effect, it is important to choose the right and correctly determine size, usually several parameters are valuable:

  • bust circumference (cm): measurements must be taken standing, breathing free. At the level of lower edge of shoulder blades and on the most protruding parts of breasts with medium tension;
  • waist circumference (cm): waist line circumference between protruding parts of longitudinal bones and lower ribs;
  • under breast circumference (cm): body circumference just below breasts;
Anthropometric parameters in standard size chart of tops for women are specified within the following limits:
  • Chest circumference: from 80 (cm) to 128 (cm);
  • Waist circumference: from 62 (cm) to 108 (cm);
  • Height: from 150 (cm) to 194 (cm).

Important: more information on the main brand sizes is available at links below.