Body dimensions of Ecomotors
Description of terms:
  • Wheelbase: the distance between the axles of the front and rear wheels;
  • Road clearance: the distance between the road plane and the lowest point of the central part of the bottom of vehicle;
  • Overall width: maximum transverse width of vehicle on the most protruding parts;
  • Overall length: the maximum longitudinal length of vehicle on the most protruding parts;
  • Overall height: full vertical height from the bottom of the wheel to the highest point of vehicle.
Classification by body size:

European vehicle classification system based on body dimensions:

  • Class А: length - up to 3600 (mm), width - up to 1600 (mm).
  • Class В: length - from 3600 (mm) to 3900 (mm), width - from 1500 (mm) to 1700 (mm).
  • Class C: length - from 3900 (mm) to 4300 (mm), width - from 1600 (mm) to 1700 (mm).
  • Class D: length - from 4300 (mm) to 4600 (mm), width - from 1690 (mm) to 1730 (mm).
  • Class E: length - from 4600 (mm) to 4900 (mm), width - from 1730 (mm) to 1820 (mm).
  • Class F: length - more than 4900 (mm), width - more than 1820 (mm).

Important: depending on the design and body size, vehicles are divided into: sedans, hatchbacks, wagons, liftbacks, coupes, convertibles, limousines, roadsters, SUVs, targas, crossovers, pickups, vans, minivans, minibuses, buses.

Car bodies - full drawing
General parameters of Ecomotors bodies
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Dimensions car bodies

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Overall length of vehicle for the main modifications
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Electro AT (2009 - н.в.) 1740 (mm)
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