Body dimensions of UAZ 3962

Body length of UAZ 3962 for all modifications is 4440 (mm).

Parameters of bodies for standard modifications:

3962 (1985 - 2019):

  • Body type: минивэн;
  • Number of doors: 4;
  • Number of seat: 7;
  • Wheelbase: 2300 (mm);
  • Axle track 1: 1445 (mm);
  • Axle track 2: 1445 (mm);
  • Road clearance: 220 (mm);
  • Width: 1940 (mm);
  • Length: 4440 (mm);
  • Height: 2240 (mm).

Body characteristics:

The main characteristics of the car body include: wheelbase, road clearance, overall width and overall length.

For some vehicles, the wheelbase may not be the same for the right and left wheels (the difference can be several tens of millimeters), this is due to the design features of the 3962 and does not adversely affect the driving performance of vehicle.

Features of measuring clearance:

When determining the 3962 clearance, central part means a rectangle whose length is equal to the length of vehicle, and width is limited to two straight lines, spaced 100 (mm) from the inner surface of wheels.

Important: in some cases, the value of wheelbase of vehicle may vary slightly when operating with certain types of independent suspension, for example, with trailing arms.

UAZ 3962 2005 - detailed dimensions

///// - detailed dimensions

General parameters of UAZ 3962 bodies
General view spravkaGeneral view car bodies Length min (mm) spravka
Minimum overall length of vehicle for different modifications of UAZ model

Measured in millimeters (mm)

Length max (mm) spravka
Minimum overall length of vehicle for different modifications of UAZ model

Measured in millimeters (mm)

Modifications spravka
The number of 3962 modifications in our database

General view car bodies
(General view)
4440 (mm) 4440 (mm) 1
Parameters of UAZ 3962 bodies
Parameter spravka
Body parameter

Value spravka
Parameter value is either in (mm) or in other units

3962 (1985 - 2019)
Body type:минивэн
Number of doors:4
Number of seat:7
Wheelbase:2300 (mm)
Axle track 1:1445 (mm)
Axle track 2:1445 (mm)
Road clearance:220 (mm)
Width:1940 (mm)
Length:4440 (mm)
Height:2240 (mm)

Warning: the above data are official figures of the manufacturers, however, it should be borne in mind that the information is for reference and does not guarantee unambiguous accuracy.