Seat sizes of Kia Venga


Parameters of seats for standard modifications:

Kia Venga:

  • Parameter 1: 1050 (mm).

The distance from the seat to the roof refers to the main characteristics of vehicle seats, although it is not their overall size.

Parameters with multiple values:

Most of the main sizes of car seats have one constant value (for example, the seats width), however, some characteristics due to the design features of the seats have several meanings, these include:

  • Angle of the backrests of the front seats (degrees);
  • Distance from the rear seat to the front seat back.

Important: in addition to the main dimensions of vehicle seats, some sources also indicate additional ones, such as: angle of the pillow, offset of the pillow, height and offset of the lumbar support.

General parameters of Land Rover seats
General view spravka
General view

Models spravka
The total number of models presented

Modifications spravka
The total number of all modifications of all Land Rover models presented in our database.

Dimensions seat

(General view)
Height from the front seat to the roof for basic modifications
Modifications spravka
Modification and model.

Value spravka
Parameter value in (mm):

The maximum value for adjustable parameters indicated in brackets.

Data presented in millimeters (mm).

Land Rover Freelander II 995 (mm)
Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 1020 (mm)
Land Rover Range Rover Sport 975 (mm)
Land Rover Defender 110 1030 (mm)
Land Rover Discovery III от 920 (mm) до 990 (mm)
Land Rover Discovery IV 1020 (mm)
Land Rover Range Rover III 2002 - 2012 от 910 (mm) до 970 (mm)
Land Rover Range Rover III от 875 (mm) до 925 (mm)
Land Rover Freelander II 995 (mm)
Land Rover Freelander II 995 (mm)
Land Rover Freelander II 995 (mm)