Seat sizes of Opel

For marka, the information is provided for 8 models and 15 modifications.

Characteristics of seats:

The following dimensions are the main parameters of vehicle seats:

  • Distance from the front seat to the roof (mm);
  • Distance from the rear seat to the roof (mm);
  • Distance from the back of the front seat to the pedals (mm);
  • Length of the right front seat (mm);
  • Length of the left front seat (mm);
  • Width of the right front seat (mm);
  • Width of the left front seat (mm);
  • Seat angle (degrees).

Important: some parameters of vehicle seats can have several values ​​(for example, the angle of backrest), in such cases, most sources indicate the minimum value of the parameter, and the maximum value indicated in brackets.

General view seat

General parameters of Opel seats
General view spravkaGeneral view seat Models spravka
The total number of models presented

Modifications spravka
The total number of all modifications of all Opel models presented in our database

General view seat
(General view)
8 units 15 units
Height from the front seat to the roof for basic modifications
Modification spravka
Modification and (Опель)

Value (mm) spravka
Parameter value in (mm).

The maximum value for adjustable parameters indicated in brackets.

Data presented in millimeters (mm)

Opel Adam 2013 950-1040 (mm)
Opel Antara 2006 1005 (mm)
Opel Astra VXR 2012 840 (1000) (mm)
Opel Corsa 2006 980 (mm)
Opel Meriva 2006 985-1030 (mm)
Opel Mokka 2012 1060 (mm)
Opel Zafira 2008 1050 (mm)
Opel Zafira Tourer 2014 880-990 (mm)

Warning: the above data are official figures of the manufacturers, however, it should be borne in mind that the information is for reference and does not guarantee unambiguous accuracy.