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Minimum tire size for the entire range of Nissan models is: 155/80R13.

Limit parameters for all models:

  • Tire sizes: from 155/80R13 to 245/45R18;
  • Disc sizes: from 13x4.5 to 18x9.0.

Tire marking:

In general, the standard European tire marking is a record in the form 175/65R15, where:

  • 175 is width of the work face of the tire;
  • 65 is percentage of profile height from tire width;
  • R15 is type of construction (R - radial) and inner diameter (in inches).

The American tire marking is similar to the European , but the size is preceded by P (for a motor (passenger) car) or LT (for a light truck).

If the height of rubber is 55% or less than its width, then the tire is considered low profile.

Important: the higher the proportionality of the tire (the ratio of the height of the profile to the width), the higher the tire, and vice versa: the lower the proportionality of the tire, the lower the tire.

Dimensions wheels Nissan Dimensions wheel disks Nissan

Tires by models:

tires 100NX
tires 180SX
tires 200SX
tires 240SX
tires 280ZX
tires 300ZX
tires 350Z
tires 370Z
tires AD
tires Almera
tires Almera Classic
tires Almera Tino
tires Altima
tires Armada
tires Avenir
tires Bassara
tires BE-1
tires Bluebird
tires Bluebird Sylphy
tires Caravan
tires Cedric
tires Cefiro
tires Cima
tires Clipper
tires Crew
tires Cube
tires Datsun
tires Dualis
tires Elgrand
tires Expert
tires Fairlady Z
tires Figaro
tires Fuga
tires Gloria
tires GT-R
tires Juke
tires Lafesta
tires Largo
tires Laurel
tires Leaf
tires Leopard
tires Liberty
tires Lucino
tires March
tires Maxima
tires Micra
tires Mistral
tires Moco
tires Murano
tires Navara Frontier
tires Note
tires NP300
tires NV200
tires NV350
tires NX
tires Otti
tires Pao
tires Pathfinder
tires Patrol
tires Pino
tires Pixo
tires Prairie
tires Presage
tires Presea
tires President
tires Primastar
tires Primera
tires Pulsar
tires Qashqai
tires Quest
tires Rnessa
tires Rasheen
tires Rogue
tires Roox
tires Safari
tires Sentra
tires Serena
tires Silvia
tires Skyline
tires Skyline Crossover
tires Stagea
tires Sunny
tires Teana
tires Terrano
tires Terrano Regulus
tires Tiida
tires Tino
tires Titan
tires Urvan
tires Vanette
tires Versa
tires Wingroad
tires X-Terra
tires X-Trail
tires X-Trail T31
tires X-Trail T32
tires X-Trail T30
tires Qashqai 2
tires Teana I
tires Teana II
tires Teana III
tires Terrano I
tires Terrano II
tires Primera Traveller
tires Qashqai J11
tires Cube II
tires Cube III
tires Frontier
tires Homy elgrand
tires Murano Z50
tires Murano Z51
tires Murano Z52
tires Pathfinder R50
tires Pathfinder R51
tires Pathfinder R52
tires Pick-Up
tires Primera P11
tires Almera II
tires Almera III
tires Cube I
tires Primera P12
tires Cabstar
tires Interstar
tires Kubistar
tires Maxima QX
tires NV400
tires S Cargo
tires Navara
tires Z
tires S30
tires Santana
tires Atlas
tires Almera G15
tires Almera N16
tires Teana J32
tires Latio
tires Kix
tires Sylphy
tires Avenir Salut
tires Cedric Cima
tires Clipper Rio
tires Cube Cubic
tires Dayz
tires Dayz Roox
tires Dualis 2
tires e-NV200
tires Evalia
tires Kicks
tires Lannia
tires Livina
tires March Active
tires March Box
tires Micra Active
tires Micra C C
tires NP300 Frontier
tires NP300 Navara
tires NV100 Clipper
tires NV100 Clipper Rio
tires NV1500
tires NV2500
tires NV3500
tires Paladin
tires Patrol Cab Chassis
tires Prairie Joy
tires Prairie Liberty
tires Rogue Select
tires Rogue Sport
tires Sunny Box
tires Sunny California
tires Sunny RZ-1
tires Sunny Traveller
tires Tiida Latio
tires Titan XD
tires Truck
tires Tsuru
tires V16
tires Versa Note
tires NV Cargo
tires NV Passenger
tires NV350 Caravan
tires NV350 Urvan
tires X-Trail x-treme
tires Grand Livina
tires NP200
tires NP300 Hardbody
tires NV200 Vanette
tires NV300
tires Patrol Safari
tires Terra
tires Primera Hatchback
tires Gazelle
tires Platina
tires NV
tires Roniz
tires Cherry Vanette
tires Sunny Vanette
tires Impendulo
tires Livina Genesis
tires Lafesta Joy
tires Pathfinder Armada
tires NX Coupe
tires Leopard J Ferie
tires Homy
tires D21
tires Hustler
tires Big M
tires Power Eagle
tires King Cab
tires 850
tires Camiones

General tire parameters for all Nissan models
General view spravka
Tire size in format:

1. Width of work face.

2. Percentage of profile height from width.

3. R is type of construction (radial) - inner diameter (in inches).

B (mm) spravka
Tire width:

1. Nominal tire width (excluding protective belt).

2. Maximum width during operation.

D (mm) spravka
Tire diameter:

1. Nominal size of outer diameter (2xR) of the tire.

2. Maximum size during operation.

L (mm) spravka
Tire circumference in (mm)

H (mm) spravka
Tire profile:

Tire profile (height) for models of different years of manufacture

175/65R14 175-184 583-594 1781 114
195/55R14 195-208 570-580 1791 107
205/60R15 205-217 627-637 1912 123
195/60R15 195-209 615-625 1876 117
205/55R15 205-223 607-617 1851 113
205/55R16 205-223 632-642 1928 113
195/70R14 195-209 629-640 1922 137
225/50R16 225-242 631-642 1928 113
245/45R16 245-253 627-634 1909 110
225/45R18 225-234 660-667 2010 101
245/45R18 245-253 678-685 2065 110
225/40R18 225-239 637-645 1943 90
245/40R18 245-258 653-661 1992 98
225/50R17 225-242 657-668 2007 113
235/50R17 235-255 667-678 2037 118
225/50R18 225-238 682-692 2143 113
165/80R13 165-172 594-604 1812 132
185/65R14 185-197 596-606 1818 120
175/70R14 175-184 601-612 1836 123
155/80R13 155-163 578-588 1763 124
165/80R14 165-178 620-630 1947 132

Warning: the above data are official figures of the manufacturers, however, it should be borne in mind that the information is for reference and does not guarantee unambiguous accuracy.