marka tires sizes

Minimum tire size for the entire range of Opel models is: 155/65R14.

Limit parameters for all models:

  • Tire sizes: from 155/65R14 to 205/60R15;
  • Disc sizes: from 14x4.5 to 15x6.5.

Tire marking:

In general, the standard European tire marking is a record in the form 175/65R15, where:

  • 175 is width of the work face of the tire;
  • 65 is percentage of profile height from tire width;
  • R15 is type of construction (R - radial) and inner diameter (in inches).

The American tire marking is similar to the European , but the size is preceded by P (for a motor (passenger) car) or LT (for a light truck).

If the height of rubber is 55% or less than its width, then the tire is considered low profile.

Important: the higher the proportionality of the tire (the ratio of the height of the profile to the width), the higher the tire, and vice versa: the lower the proportionality of the tire, the lower the tire.

Dimensions wheels Opel Dimensions wheel disks Opel

Tires by models:

tires Astra H GTC
tires Adam
tires Agila
tires Ampera
tires Antara
tires Ascona
tires Astra
tires Calibra
tires Campo
tires Cascada
tires Combo
tires Corsa
tires Frontera
tires GT
tires Insignia
tires Kadett
tires Meriva
tires Mokka
tires Monterey
tires Omega
tires Rekord
tires Senator
tires Signum
tires Sintra
tires Speedster
tires Tigra
tires Vectra
tires Vita
tires Vivaro
tires Zafira
tires Zafira B
tires Zafira Tourer
tires Vivaro A Van
tires Vivaro B Cargo
tires Vivaro B Combi
tires Vivaro B Van
tires Zafira A
tires Vectra C
tires Vectra B 36
tires Vectra B HB
tires Vectra B Wagon
tires Vectra C GTS
tires Vectra C Wagon
tires Vivaro A Cargo
tires Vivaro A Combi
tires Vectra B
tires Tigra 95
tires Tigra A
tires Tigra B
tires Vectra A
tires Omega V8
tires Movano B
tires Movano Cargo
tires Movano Combi
tires Movano Van
tires Omega A
tires Omega B
tires Omega C
tires Combo Cargo
tires Combo Tour
tires Combo Van
tires Corsa A
tires Corsa B
tires Corsa C
tires Corsa D
tires Corsa E
tires Corsa COMBO
tires Corsa OPC
tires Insignia Sedan
tires Insignia Tourer
tires Astra J
tires Astra J GTC
tires Astra J GTS
tires Astra J Sedan
tires Astra J Sports
tires Astra K
tires Astra K Sports
tires Astra H TwinTop
tires Astra H Van
tires Astra H Wagon
tires Astra G HB
tires Astra G Sedan
tires Astra G Van
tires Astra G Wagon
tires Astra H
tires Astra H L48
tires Astra H Sedan
tires Astra F GSI
tires Astra F HB
tires Astra F Van
tires Astra F Wagon
tires Astra G
tires Astra G Cabrio
tires Astra G Coupe
tires Agila A H00
tires Agila B H08
tires Astra F
tires Astra F 56 57
tires Astra F Cabrio
tires Astra F Classic
tires Movano
tires Arena
tires Astra OPC
tires Insignia OPC
tires Astra GTC
tires Corsa Van
tires Crossland X
tires Grandland X
tires Insignia Country Tourer
tires Karl
tires Mokka X
tires Ampera-e
tires Cabrio
tires Rekord E
tires Combo B
tires Combo C
tires Zafira Life
tires Frontera Sport
tires Corsa Utility
tires Kadett E

Possible sizes for all Opel models
General view spravkaGeneral view tires Tires max spravka
Maximum tire sizes for Opel

Wheel disks spravka
Possible disk sizes for Opel of different years of manufacture and modifications

Wheels spravka
Possible wheel sizes for Opel of different years of manufacture and modifications

Dimensions tires Opel 205/60R15 min
(General view)
General tire parameters for all Opel models
General view spravka
Tire size in format:

1. Width of work face.

2. Percentage of profile height from width.

3. R is type of construction (radial) - inner diameter (in inches).

B (mm) spravka
Tire width:

1. Nominal tire width (excluding protective belt).

2. Maximum width during operation.

D (mm) spravka
Tire diameter:

1. Nominal size of outer diameter (2xR) of the tire.

2. Maximum size during operation.

L (mm) spravka
Tire circumference in (mm)

H (mm) spravka
Tire profile:

Tire profile (height) for models of different years of manufacture

195/65R15 195-209 635-645 1937 127
205/60R15 205-217 627-637 1912 123
175/70R14 175-184 601-612 1836 123
185/70R14 185-197 615-626 1879 518
155/65R14 155-163 557-566 1702 101
165/70R14 165-177 587-598 1793 116
185/60R15 185-197 603-611 1839 111
165/60R14 165-177 554-562 1690 99
185/50R14 185-198 541-551 1698 93
185/55R14 185-202 559-568 1708 102

Warning: the above data are official figures of the manufacturers, however, it should be borne in mind that the information is for reference and does not guarantee unambiguous accuracy.