Wheel sizes of Renault

Minimum tire size for the entire range of Renault models is: 145/70R13.

Limit parameters for all models:

  • Tire size: from 145/70R13 to 225/55R16;
  • Disk size: from 13x4.0 to 16x7.5.

Structurally, the vehicle wheel combines a wheel disk and a tire.

Tire marking:

Standard European vehicle tire marking is a symbol code that may look, for example, like this - 175/65R15, where:

  • 175 is width of the work face of the tire;
  • 65 is percentage of profile height of tire width;
  • R15 is type of construction (R - radial) and inner diameter (in inches).

Disc specifications:

Wheel disc is characterized by the following key parameters:

  • Width of rim B (distance between shelves);
  • Disc diameter D (distance is measured by the level of shelves);
  • Wheel offset ET (distance from the axis of symmetry of the disk to the plane of abutment to the hub).
  • Diameter of circumference of the location of mounting holes PCD .

Important: vehicle wheel offset is determined by the formula: ET = A - B/2, where A is distance between the inner plane of the disk and the part in contact with the hub, B is disk width.

Dimensions tires Renault Dimensions wheel disks Renault

Wheels by models:

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wheels 21
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wheels Avantime
wheels Captur
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wheels Duster
wheels Espace
wheels Fluence
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wheels Modus
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wheels Sandero
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wheels Twizy
wheels Vel Satis
wheels Wind
wheels ZOE
wheels Grand Scenic
wheels Alpine
wheels Master
wheels Maxity
wheels Clio Sedan
wheels Etoile
wheels Alaskan
wheels Clio GrandTour
wheels Clio I
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wheels Clio V6
wheels Clio Williams
wheels Espace II
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wheels Espace V
wheels Kadjar
wheels Kangoo 4WD
wheels Kangoo be Bop
wheels Kangoo Compact
wheels Kangoo Express
wheels Kangoo II
wheels Laguna I
wheels Laguna II
wheels Laguna III
wheels Logan I
wheels Logan II
wheels Master II
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wheels Master Van
wheels Megane I
wheels Megane I Cabriolet
wheels Megane I Classic
wheels Megane I Coach
wheels Megane I GrandTour
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wheels Megane II CC
wheels Megane II Cabrio
wheels Megane II GrandTour
wheels Megane III
wheels Megane III Coupe
wheels Megane III GrandTour
wheels Megane IV
wheels Megane Scenic
wheels Megane Break
wheels Megane Cabrio
wheels Megane Classic
wheels Megane Coupe
wheels Megane Grand Scenic
wheels Scenic I
wheels Scenic II
wheels Scenic III
wheels Talisman
wheels Thalia
wheels Trafic II
wheels Trafic II Cargo
wheels Trafic II Van
wheels Trafic III Bus
wheels Trafic III Cargo
wheels Trafic III Van
wheels Twingo I
wheels Twingo II
wheels Twingo III
wheels Megane II Sedan
wheels Megane II Turbo
wheels Megane III CC
wheels Nueva Kangoo
wheels Dokker
wheels Lodgy
wheels Sandero Stepway
wheels Nevada
wheels Duster Oroch
wheels Kaptur
wheels Kwid
wheels Lutecia
wheels Pulse
wheels Scala
wheels Tondar
wheels Arkana
wheels Le Car
wheels Trafic I
wheels Savanna
wheels Logan MCV
wheels Megane III Hatchback

General wheel parameters for all Renault models
Dimensions spravka
Tire size in format:

1. Width of work face.

2. Percentage of profile height from width.

3. R - type of construction (radial) - inner diameter (in inches).

B (mm) spravka
Wheel width:

1. Nominal wheel width (excluding protective belt).

2. Maximum width during operation.

D (mm) spravka
Wheel diameter:

1. Nominal size of outer diameter (2xR) of the wheel.

2. Maximum size during operation.

L (mm) spravka
- Wheel circumference in (mm)

H (mm) spravka
Wheel profile:

Wheel profile (height) for models of different years of manufacture

- Wheel revolutions per (km) under standard conditions

175/70R13 175-184 575-586 1757 123 553.4
155/80R13 155-163 578-588 1763 124 550.5
165/65R14 165-177 570-578 1739 107 558.4
175/65R14 175-184 583-594 1781 114 545.9
145/70R13 145-156 533-542 1629 102 597
185/60R14 185-197 578-586 1763 111 551.1
225/55R16 225-242 654-664 1995 124 486.8
215/65R16 215-230 686-698 2092 140 464.1
185/55R15 185-202 585-593 1784 102 544.6
155/70R13 155-163 547-556 1671 109 581.7
165/65R13 165-177 545-552 1659 107 584.4

Warning: it should be borne in mind that the data given are the average characteristics of the product during operation. Depending on the load, atmospheric phenomena and the degree of pumping, the wheel parameters can vary. Limit values ​​are presented in the table above.