Wheel sizes of Volkswagen

Minimum tire size for the entire range of Volkswagen models is: 155/75R15.

Limit parameters for all models:

  • Tire size: from 155/75R15 to 245/70R16;
  • Disk size: from 15x4.0 to 20x8.0.

Structurally, the vehicle wheel combines a wheel disk and a tire.

Tire marking:

Standard European vehicle tire marking is a symbol code that may look, for example, like this - 175/65R15, where:

  • 175 is width of the work face of the tire;
  • 65 is percentage of profile height of tire width;
  • R15 is type of construction (R - radial) and inner diameter (in inches).

Disc specifications:

Wheel disc is characterized by the following key parameters:

  • Width of rim B (distance between shelves);
  • Disc diameter D (distance is measured by the level of shelves);
  • Wheel offset ET (distance from the axis of symmetry of the disk to the plane of abutment to the hub).
  • Diameter of circumference of the location of mounting holes PCD .

Important: vehicle wheel offset is determined by the formula: ET = A - B/2, where A is distance between the inner plane of the disk and the part in contact with the hub, B is disk width.

Dimensions tires Volkswagen Dimensions wheel disks Volkswagen

Wheels by models:

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wheels Kaefer
wheels Lupo
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wheels Phaeton
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wheels Routan
wheels Santana
wheels Scirocco
wheels Sharan
wheels Taro
wheels Tiguan
wheels Touareg
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wheels Vento
wheels XL1
wheels Crafter
wheels LT
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wheels Cross
wheels Beetle 5C1
wheels Beetle A4
wheels Beetle A5
wheels Beetle Cabrio
wheels Bora Wagon
wheels Caddy Alltrack
wheels Caddy II
wheels Caddy III
wheels Caddy IV
wheels Golf III 1H1
wheels Golf III Cabriolet
wheels Golf III Variant
wheels Golf IV
wheels Golf IV 1J1
wheels Golf IV Cabriolet
wheels Golf IV Variant
wheels Golf V
wheels Golf V 1K1
wheels Golf V Plus
wheels Golf V Variant
wheels Golf VI
wheels Golf VI 5K1
wheels Golf VI Cabriolet
wheels Golf VI Variant
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wheels Golf VII Variant
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wheels Jetta IV
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wheels Passat 362
wheels Passat B2
wheels Passat B3
wheels Passat 3C2
wheels Passat 3G2
wheels Passat Alltrack
wheels Passat Variant 365
wheels Passat Variant 3B5
wheels Passat Variant 3B6
wheels Passat Variant 3C5
wheels Passat Variant 3G5
wheels Passat W8
wheels Polo 130
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wheels Polo 6N2
wheels Polo 6R
wheels Polo 9N
wheels Polo Classic
wheels Polo GTI
wheels Polo III
wheels Polo IV
wheels Polo Sedan
wheels Polo V
wheels Sharan Syncro
wheels Carat
wheels Touareg 7P5
wheels Touareg II
wheels Touran I
wheels Touran II
wheels Touran III
wheels Transporter T4 Bus
wheels Transporter T4 Cargo
wheels Transporter T4 Van
wheels Transporter T5 Bus
wheels Transporter T5 Cargo
wheels Transporter T5 Van
wheels Transporter T6 Bus
wheels Transporter T6 Cargo
wheels Transporter T6 Van
wheels Vanagon
wheels Passat G60
wheels Golf III
wheels Passat B5
wheels Passat B6
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wheels Cabrio
wheels Clasico
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wheels Cross Santana
wheels CrossFox
wheels CrossGolf
wheels Cross Polo
wheels CrossTouran
wheels e-Golf
wheels Eurovan
wheels Fusca
wheels Gol
wheels Golf Alltrack
wheels Golf Cabriolet
wheels Golf City
wheels Golf R Variant
wheels Golf SportWagen
wheels Golf SV
wheels Golf Variant
wheels Golf Variant Alltrack
wheels Gran Lavida
wheels Gran Santana
wheels Jetta City
wheels Jetta Variant
wheels Kombi
wheels Lamando
wheels Lamando GTS
wheels Lavida
wheels Lavida Classic
wheels Magotan
wheels Parati
wheels Passat Variant
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wheels Saveiro
wheels Sedan
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wheels Tiguan L
wheels Touran L
wheels Voyage
wheels Bora Sport Wagen
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wheels Tayron
wheels Teramont X
wheels Tharu
wheels Virtus
wheels Polo Coupe
wheels Transporter T5
wheels Corsar
wheels Crafter Volt
wheels Quantum
wheels Golf I

General wheel parameters for all Volkswagen models
Dimensions spravka
Tire size in format:

1. Width of work face.

2. Percentage of profile height from width.

3. R - type of construction (radial) - inner diameter (in inches).

B (mm) spravka
Wheel width:

1. Nominal wheel width (excluding protective belt).

2. Maximum width during operation.

D (mm) spravka
Wheel diameter:

1. Nominal size of outer diameter (2xR) of the wheel.

2. Maximum size during operation.

L (mm) spravka
- Wheel circumference in (mm)

H (mm) spravka
Wheel profile:

Wheel profile (height) for models of different years of manufacture

- Wheel revolutions per (km) under standard conditions

245/70R16 245-258 749-759 2354 172 424.8
245/65R17 245-258 750-760 2357 159 424.3
215/60R16 215-230 664-674 2025 129 479.1
215/55R17 215-235 668-678 2037 118 476.3
235/45R18 235-245 669-677 2040 106 476
235/40R19 235-248 671-681 2107 94 474.7
195/65R15 195-209 635-645 1937 127 501.7
205/55R16 205-223 632-642 1928 113 503.8
225/45R17 225-234 634-642 1934 101 501.9
235/35R20 235-248 673-683 2113 82 473.3
155/75R15 153-157 610-618 1927 116 519
165/70R15 163-167 608-616 1923 116 520
175/65R15 175-184 609-619 1857 114 523.1
185/65R15 185-198 622-632 1952 120 512.2
195/55R16 195-209 621-628 1891 107 512.7

Warning: it should be borne in mind that the data given are the average characteristics of the product during operation. Depending on the load, atmospheric phenomena and the degree of pumping, the wheel parameters can vary. Limit values ​​are presented in the table above.