Audi windshield sizes
Windshield parameters:

Main car windshield parameters include the following dimensions:

  • Upper length;
  • Lower length;
  • Side face;
  • Vertical central height;
  • Diagonal between upper left corner and lower right corner;
  • Diagonal between upper right corner and lower left corner.

Measurement of car windshield is made by measuring tape, results are given in millimetres.

Important: most sources usually specify only 2 parameters as auto glass specifications: its lower face width and vertical width.

Windshield - full drawing
General Audi windshield parameters
General view spravka
General view

Models spravka
Total number of models presented

Modifications spravka
Total number of all modifications of all marka models presented in our database

Dimensions windshield

(General view)
Windshield Center vertical height for major modifications
Modification spravka
Modification, (Ауди) or year of manufacture

Value spravka
Parameter value in (mm)

Data is given in millimeters (mm)

100 1983-1990 5D x
80 1987-1996 5D x
2011 3D HBK x
A3/S3 2003-2012 5D x
A4/S4 2007 5D x
A6 1990-1997 5D x
2010 x
A8 2011 x
2011 x
2008 x
2006 x
S6/RS6 V8 2001-2004 5D x
S3 2013 5D x
A4/S4 2007 5D x
2007 CPE x
S6/RS6 V8 2001-2004 5D x
TT 2006-2014 x